Terri Freed, Wellness Coach

Terri Freed’s past experiences have led to her new role as a wellness coach. 

In the past, Terri has served as:

  • Teacher in the Baltimore County Public Schools from 1978-1983
  • Teacher of aerobics and exercise from 1986-1993
  • Personal trainer from 1988-2008
  • Stress management teacher from 1986-present
  • Smoking cessation facilitator from 1986-1994
  • COPD facilitator from 1987-1992
  • Assistant teacher:
    • at the Baltimore School of Massage
    • at the Upledger Institute (cranial-sacral therapy)
    • at the Barral Institute (visceral manipulation)
    • Through the Healing from the Core curriculum

Terri’s certifications include:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Healing from the Core Distance Healer 

Terri has devoted her life to spiritual studies and growth, self-improvement, and personal growth.

She has designed a course, “Birthing Your True Self” which focuses on balancing Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions, in order to develop a greater love for the Self and a greater sense of well-being for the whole being.

As a wellness coach, Terri uses all of these skills and wisdom to form her own personal journey to self-love and the balance of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions in her individual sessions.

More details will be provided as courses become available from Terri Freed, Wellness Coach.

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