Tips for Getting Through the COVID-19 Crisis, Part II

This is Part II of Well Being for The Whole Being, the MIND.  It follows Part I of Well Being for The Whole Being, the BODY.


The mind may actually be the most important of the four parts of our self.  If our mind is straight, then the rest will follow.  One’s attitude can change everything.  Who hasn’t heard the quote, “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”?

Some will equate the mind to the ego, that voice in our head that tells us a story. The goal here would be to change a story that does not apply to the present moment.  And that is the key here and always, to be in the present moment. For example, our mind may tell us a story like, “It isn’t safe here.” We then evaluate the situation and see if that statement is the truth or not.  If you are in your home, relaxing and watching TV, and news immediately triggers something inside of you that makes you feel unsafe, assess the situation.  At that moment in time you scan your surroundings and see that, in fact, YOU personally are safe, so now you can release those feelings of fear and anxiety, take a deep breath, and fall into the sensation of well being, at least in that moment of time. However, you may hear that voice in your head about being unsafe, and this time you assess your surroundings and you see the store you about to enter is not abiding by any safety precautions is, over crowded, with no one wearing masks, no sanitation towels or sprays, and you hear someone cough.  This situation in the recent moment may actually not be safe.  In that case, the easy thing to do is remove yourself from the situation and go to a place where you do feel safe.

The mind works hand-in-hand with the emotions. The mind will tell a story, and the story will trigger an emotion or pain. These emotions will enhance the story that in turn will enhance the emotion or pain. It can become a vicious and out-of-control cycle. To handle this whirlwind of thought and emotions is a full time job of becoming more conscious.  Many have heard the term “mindfulness,” that is what I’m expressing here on some level. I personally don’t like the term “mindfulness”, because to me it implies that my mind is full when my goal is to end some of the fullness, [or foolness]. 

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