What can Your Massage Advocate do for you and your practice?

Your Massage Advocate can help you develop as a therapist/practitioner by:

  • Serving as a consultant to you for specific areas of your business.
  • Mentoring you through your development as a therapist/practitioner.
  • Referring you to specific and relevant therapists/practitioners.
  • Helping you to establish a network of other therapists/practitioners.
  • Introducing you to and guiding you through the use of new modalities.

Your Massage Advocate can help you to:

  • Build your practice.
  • Expand your skills as a therapist/practitioner.
  • Establish a realistic and competitive pricing schedule.
  • Understand and develop a process for each client session that will foster client’s ease, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Get in touch with Your Massage Advocate through the Contact button so Terri can advocate for you.


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